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Remembering 9/11 - Senior Court Officer - Sergeant Thomas Jurgens

Remembering 9/11

tjurgens.jpgWith his life cut short at 26 years old, the accomplishments Tommy achieved in life were staggering. He lived in Long Island with his wife, of just three short months, Joan. Tom was a United States Army veteran serving as a combat medic in the Persian Gulf War and also in the New York State Army National Guard. He was Captain of Engine 334 of the Meadowmere Park Fire Department.

Tom entered the New York State Unified Court System and became a court officer on April 20, 1998. His first assignment was Bronx Criminal Court. In November 1999, Tommy promoted to Senior Court Officer, he was assigned to Manhattan Supreme Court - Criminal Term, 111 Centre Street. His last assignment was on security, patrolling the perimeter around the court complex.

Tommy was on duty on September 11, 2001 patrolling the courthouse when the first plane hit the World Trade Center. He raced to the scene in a jury bus filled with other court officers to treat the wounded and assist in evacuating civilians. Joan once said, “Any kind of crisis, he would always be the first to respond.” Tom’s partner SCO Joe Ranauro last saw him coming out of the lower levels of 5WTC with injured civilians. Tommy’s last words were “I have to go down, those people need help.” Then the South Tower had come down, crushing the side of 5WTC. Being on the other side, he didn’t make it out.