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Suffolk County District Court - Commercial Small Claim Complaint Form Instructions

The maximum you can sue for Is $5000.

You must be a New York State-based Corporation in order to file in Commercial Claims.

  1. Fill out and mail the Adobe Acrobat PDF Documentdemand letter (UCS 124/DC-292) to the defendant. USE BLACK INK ONLY!  (Do this only if you are suing an individual. You do not need to do this to sue a Corporation or Company.)
  2. Wait 10 days. If you get no response from defendant after those 10 days, file a Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentCOMMERCIAL SMALL CLAIM FORM (DC-283) USE BLACK INK ONLY!
  3. Sign and notarize the Adobe Acrobat PDF Documentcertification (UCS 119/DC-293) if you are filing by mail. If filing in person at the court you can sign it in front of a Court Clerk.
  4. You are the plaintiff, write your full corporate name and street address - a PO Box alone is not acceptable.
  5. Write the defendants full name and street address - a PO Box alone is not acceptable. The defendant must reside, work or have a business address within the five western towns of Suffolk County.
  6. Check only one cause of action. (If you cannot decide, pick #85.)
  7. State briefly the reason why you are suing.
  8. State the total amount you are suing for.
  9. Sign and date the form in the presence of a Court Clerk or Notary.


FEES page for the fee to "COMMERCIAL CLAIM - File an action"

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