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Maintenance and Child Support Tools


Worksheets to calculate guideline amounts of maintenance and child support. Optional tools to help with calculations are below.

Uncontested Divorce Worksheets (Part of Uncontested Divorce Packets)

Form UD-8(1) Annual Income Worksheet

Form UD-8(2) Maintenance Guidelines Worksheet

Form UD-8(3) Child Support Worksheet


Contested Divorce Worksheets

Temporary Maintenance Worksheet (for divorces started on or after 10/25/15)

Temporary Maintenance Worksheet (for divorces started before 10/25/15)

Post-Divorce Maintenance/Child Support Worksheet



Calculator tools to help complete Maintenance/Child Support Worksheets above.

Post-Divorce Maintenance/Child Support

Online Calculator – See Instructions

  • Complete using a web browser – no software required
  • Recommended browser is Internet Explorer
  • Easily cleared to start over
  • Work cannot be saved

Excel Calculator – See Instructions

  • Needs Microsoft Excel software – download file to computer
  • Can save file for later use
  • Prints nicely

Temporary Maintenance Calculator

  • Fillable PDF form
  • Printable
  • Work cannot be saved

Calculator(for divorces started on or after 10/25/15)
This calculator is under revision.

Calculator(for divorces started before 10/25/15))