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Robert D. Mayberger
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Arguing Before the Court

     Upon receipt of all of Respondent's submissions, appeals/proceedings are calendared for the next available Term of Court. Written notification will be sent advising of the scheduled Term and, in cases where oral argument has been requested (or, when applicable, in instances where argument has been requested and granted by the Court), attorneys and pro se litigants are invited to advise the Clerk's Office of any scheduling conflicts that may prohibit their appearance on any given day of a Term. Every effort is made to accommodate these requests.

     Those appearing for oral argument will not receive written notification of their assigned argument date. Rather, the Court's Term Calendar is posted to the website approximately four to six weeks in advance of the opening of the Term. This calendar may be found by clicking the Term Calendar link at the top of the Court's homepage and will list the cases appearing on each day of the term.

     More specific information - such as the amount of time allotted for oral argument and the panel assigned to decide a case - can be found on the Session Calendar, which will be posted to the Court's website one week prior to the opening of the Term. This calendar may be found by clicking the Session Calendar link at the top of the Court's homepage and choosing the appropriate Session date. Please be advised that cases may be called out of order and, accordingly, the Court's preference is for all arguing to be present at the start of Session.

     Please note and take seriously the Court's policy that requires notice of any calendar changes at least 24 hours prior to argument. Your failure to abide by this policy will result in action and may ultimately lead to the imposition of costs.

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To protect the privacy interests of individuals in matters before the Court, and the need to protect litigants, particularly children, from harm, those persons appearing for oral argument may not disclose:

  • name of a confidential witness
  • an individual's Social Security number or taxpayer identification number
  • date of an individual's birth
  • name of an individual known to be a minor
  • or a financial account number

Any person responsible for such disclosure at oral argument must report such disclosure to the receptionist immediately following argument.


If you have difficulty accessing court resources because of a disability, please contact Erica Putnam Little, Managing Attorney of the Clerk's Office and the Court’s designated ADA Liaison (by e-mail at or by telephone at 518-471-4704), to request a reasonable accommodation.

ASSISTED LISTENING devices are available in the courtroom during arguments. Please see a court officer when you check in with security to access such a device.