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Integrated Domestic Violence Court (IDV)

Types of Cases

As part of the Supreme Court, the IDV Court brings before a single judge the multiple criminal, family and matrimonial actions for families where domestic violence is an underlying issue.

A family must have a criminal domestic violence case as well as a Family Court case and/or a matrimonial case, where at least either the defendant or complaining witness in the criminal case is also a party in the Family Court or matrimonial case.

Eligible Criminal cases include:

  • Domestic Violence Misdemeanors (comprise the majority of criminal cases)
  • Violations
  • Felonies are also accepted

Eligible Family cases include:

  • Family Offense cases, including modifications and violations
  • Child Custody and Visitation cases, including modifications and violations
  • Abuse and Neglect cases, including modifications, violations and extensions of supervision
  • Paternity
  • Support cases generally remain in the Family Court and are transferred to the IDV support part magistrate. On occasion, where the interests of justice would be better served, support matters may be transferred into the IDV Court.