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Integrated Domestic Violence Court (IDV)

Goals and Objectives

It is the goal of the IDV Court to ensure consistency and enhance services to litigants and their families. Through coordination with victim advocates and a network of services and outside agencies, the IDV Court can lessen burdens on litigants and their families and improve information sharing with litigants and service providers. Adjudicating cases quickly and efficiently is of utmost importance.

  • Informed judicial decision making based on comprehensive and current information on multiple matters involving the family
  • Consistent handling of multiple matters relating to the same family by a single presiding judge
  • Efficient use of court resources, with fewer appearances in court and with speedier dispositions
  • Access to social services and other resources in order to comprehensively address the needs of family members
  • Promotion of victim safety through elimination of conflicting orders and decisions
  • Increased confidence in the court system by reducing inefficiency for litigants
  • Coordinated community response and collaboration among criminal justice and child welfare agencies and community-based groups offering social services and assistance to domestic violence victims and their children