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Civil Term - Part Rules, Part 21, Courtroom 68

Justice Joseph G. Golia
88-11 Sutphin Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11435
Chambers Ph.: (718) 298-1190
Courtroom Ph.: (718) 298-1117

RJI Filings (Tax Certiorari) | Preliminary Conference | Motions


RJI Filings (Tax Certiorari)

All counsel must appear for all calendared matters unless specifically excused.

Counsel must make every effort to notify their adversary of any intention to seek an adjournment, and, if possible, to obtain consent of all parties.

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Preliminary Conference (Tax Certiorari)

Counsel for all parties must appear at all scheduled preliminary conferences and, whether present or not, will be bound by all Orders of the Court in connection therewith.

Counsel attending the conference must be fully familiar with and authorized to settle, stipulate or dispose of such actions.

Be further advised that adjournments will not be accepted by telephone.

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The motion calendar will be called every WEDNESDAY at 9:30 a.m. promptly. A second call will follow shortly thereafter.

All motions relating to any phase of discovery and/or bill of particulars, including motions to strike from or restore a case to the trial calendar, requires personal appearance by counsel for all parties. Counsel should be prepared to discuss and agree upon a discovery schedule. If the application is an Order to Show Cause, then all parties MUST appear on the return date. All other motions and applications may be submitted on papers only.

Oral argument will be entertained only in the Court's discretion.

Use of calendar service is permitted (except for Orders to Show Cause) both to submit papers and to request counsel adjournments, which will be limited to two. The first adjournment on consent will be allowed on papers. Thereafter, attorneys seeking a further adjournment MUST Appear.

Do not call the Part or Chambers for adjournments as NO ADJOURNMENTS WILL BE GRANTED ON THE TELEPHONE. The Court will not consider papers sent to Chambers or to the Part after submission.

The members of the Bar are to make every effort to notify their adversaries and co-counsel of all applications for adjournments in advance.

The Court further directs that any attorney appearing on a case for any purpose must be familiar with the case, ready, and authorized to resolve any and all issues.

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