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Civil Term - Pretrial Conference Part Courtroom 3002

Referee Leonard N. Florio
88-11 Sutphin Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11435
Chambers Ph: (718) 298-1045
Courtroom Ph.: (718) 298-1045

All tort cases (excluding City-Corporation Counsel, Medical Malpractice and Commercial cases) in which a Note of Issue and Certificate of Readiness are filed shall be called in the Pretrial Conference Part (PTCP) four months after said filing.

Prior to the pretrial conference, counsel shall confer in a good faith effort to identify issues not in contention, resolve all disputed questions without need for court intervention, and settle the case. Additionally, counsel shall have knowledge of their schedules and witnesses’ schedules in order to permit the fixing of a trial date and a realistic estimate of the trial’s length.

Counsel who appear are required to have full and detailed knowledge of all issues related to discovery, together with all orders and/or stipulations related thereto. Failure to appear as required may result in the imposition of sanctions.

The Referee shall report on the trial ready status of the action to the Justice presiding in the Trial Scheduling Part (TSP) who may issue any order deemed appropriate.


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