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Video Conference
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Video Conference Request Form
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The Queens Supreme Court Video Conference unit is located in the main building of the Kew Gardens courthouse, room 734. The Video Conference program is designed to accommodate attorney-client interviews, video court appearances, probation investigations, treatment program assessments and more.

With adequate notice, the VC unit can accommodate virtually any video conference request that is related to the operation of the court.

Uses of the Video Conference System:
  • Video Court Appearances
  • Attorney-Client interviews
  • Probation Investigations
  • Treatment Program Assessments
Benefits of Video Conferencing:
  • Reduce the need to transport prisoners
  • More timely probation reports
  • Reduce overcrowding in court pens
  • More attorney-client contacts

Video Court Appearances:
Video court appearances are subject to the guidelines set down in CPL 182 and Part 106 of the Rules of the Court. Video court appearances are not authorized for hearings, trials and certain pleas.

Scheduling Video Conferences:
Interviews will be scheduled for 30 minute intervals.

Forms can be submitted on-line.

Request for interviews with State prisoners or out of state prisoners must be made at least 2 weeks in advance and require a court order.

If an interpreter is required for the interview, the attorney is responsible for bringing their own interpreter.

Note: Family members are not permitted to act as interpreters.

Hours of Operation:
Interview Times 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Contact Information:
Video Clerk
(718) 298-1323

Fax Number:
(718) 298-0991


To safeguard the attorney-client privilege, all VC equipment operates on secure lines prohibiting outside parties from intercepting information or making recordings of the interview.