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Appeals Bureau | Assigned Counsel Voucher Desk | Calendar and Data Entry Section | Case Management Coordinators | Clerks' Offices | Correspondence/Motion Support Unit | Court Interpreters | Court Reporters | Court Security Services | Executive Offices | Facilities Office | Indictment Unit | Law Library | Network Center | Personnel Unit | Quality Control/Statistics Unit |
Supply Bureau/Purchasing Office | Warrant Office

Appeals Bureau

Supervisor: Mr. Ray Haws, Associate Court Clerk
Phone: 646-386-3932
Fax: 212-401-9153
100 Centre Street, Room 1201, 12th Floor


  • Order transcripts from Court Reporters for cases on appeal.
  • Provide transcripts and documents for matters on appeal to the Appellate Division and Court of Appeals pursuant to Appellate Division orders, subpoenas, and letters of request.
  • Maintain records regarding appeals and their disposition.
  • Process remittiturs and notify parties on cases returned to Supreme Court by an appellate court for further action.
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Assigned Counsel Voucher Desk

Coordinator: Ms. Carissa Zucco
Phone: 646-386-3900
100 Centre Street, Room 1010, 10th Floor


  • Review all vouchers submitted by Assigned Counsel attorneys and other professionals.
  • Submit vouchers for judicial approval.
  • Process vouchers for payment.
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Calendar Section

Supervisor: Ms. Melissa Velazquez, Associate Court Clerk
Phone: 646-386-3903
100 Centre Street, Room 1003, 10th Floor


  • Enter data from all court calendars into the Criminal Records and Information Management System (CRIMS) on a daily basis.
  • Duplicate finished and future calendars for distribution to court parts and various agencies.
  • Receive and process indictments.
  • Assign indictment numbers to each indictment.
  • Enter indictment information into CRIMS.
  • Notify defendants, attorneys, District Attorneys and sureties of case adjourned dates.
  • Maintain log of indictments.
  • Enter payment of mandatory surcharges and crime victim assistance fees and fines into CRIMS.
  • Receive and enter cash bail and bail bond information into CRIMS.
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Case Management Coordinators (Expediters)

100 Centre Street
Ms. Lissette Garcia
Mr. Dean Hutchins
Phone: 646-386-3901
Room 1130, 11th Fl.

Mr. Michael Stein
Phone: 646-386-3902
Room 1130, 11th Fl.
(DOC matters and miscellaneous)
Fax: 212-374-3177

111 Centre Street
Ms. Jennifer Bitkower
Phone: 646-386-4305
Fax: 212-374-2637
Room 927, 9th Floor


  • Facilitate movement of cases to court parts for hearings and trials.
  • Monitor daily activity in court parts.
  • Coordinate movement of prospective jurors to trial parts.
  • Coordinate movement of defendants to trial parts.
  • Consult with the Administrative Judge on a daily basis.
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Clerks' Offices

Central Clerks' Office
Supervisor: Ms. Ida Pacheco, Associate Court Clerk
Phone: 646-386-4000
Fax: 212-374-3177
100 Centre Street, Room 1000, 10th Floor


  • Ensure the proper functioning of court parts at 100 Centre Street.
  • Provide information such as court dates, contents of court files, bail and court procedures.
  • Collect fines, mandatory surcharges and crime victim assistance fees.
  • Accept service of motions.
  • Provide certified copies of court documents (cost: $8).
  • Provide certificates of disposition (cost: $10).

Points of Information:

I. Court Files:

  • The clerks' office currently maintains finished case files from 2009 to the present.
  • The clerks' office maintains sealed case files from 1982 to the present.
  • Files that are stored off-site can be retrieved within one to two weeks.
  • Most of the contents of a court file are available for public inspection and copying (copy machines are available to the public, at a nominal cost, at both the central clerks' office and the clerks' office at 111 Centre Street).
  • Some of the contents of court files not available to the public are criminal histories, psychiatric reports and information regarding jurors.

II. Bail:

  • Bail may be posted in the central clerks' office only when the defendant is in the courthouse.
  • Bail may be posted at any correctional facility. For further information call the New York City Department of Corrections at 718-546-0700.
  • Acceptable types of payment are cash, money order and certified check. Money orders and certified checks should be made payable to "County Clerk-New York County".
  • It takes approximately two weeks to receive refunded cash bail in the mail from the New York City Department of Finance.
  • In order to have the collateral on a bail bond released, a certificate of disposition (obtained from the Central Clerks' Office, see above) must be provided to the insurance company which posted the bond.

Clerks' Office at 111 Centre Street
Supervisor: Mr. Lawrence Salvato
Court Clerk Specialist
Phone: 646-386-4300
Fax: 212-374-2637
Room 927, 9th Floor


  • Ensure the proper functioning of court parts at 111 Centre Street.
  • Provide information regarding court cases and procedures.
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Correspondence/Motion Support Unit

Supervisor: Ms. Felisha Halwick
Associate Court Clerk
Phone: 646-386-3860
Fax: 212-374-4673
100 Centre Street, Room 1007, 10th Floor


  • Prepare psychiatric orders pursuant to C.P.L. section 730 and C.P.L. section 330.20.
  • Maintain Domestic Violence Registry.
  • Process orders of protection.
  • Schedule sex offender risk level assessment hearings. Notify appropriate parties. Maintain risk level assessment log. Forward risk level assessments to Division of Criminal Justice Services.
  • Assign Supreme Court Identification (SCID) numbers to properly filed writs and orders to show cause. Maintain log. Notify parties upon Court's decision.
  • Schedule properly filed bail remission motions with the Administrative Judge.
  • Process Department of Motor Vehicle license suspension orders. Forward orders to Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Maintain log for cash bail refund orders and recall cash bail forfeiture orders. Forward orders to New York City Department of Finance.
  • Forward Notice of Conviction or Youthful Offender Adjudication to designated education official for convicted defendants under the age of 19.
  • Respond to written inquiries and requests from inmates and city, state and federal agencies.
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Court Interpreters

Supervisor: Ms. Annery Marte-McNulty
Senior Court Interpreter
Phone: 646-386-4141
100 Centre Street, Room 1606, 16th Floor


  • Provide verbatim interpretation for court proceedings.
  • Assist attorneys with interpretive services needed for attorney/client conferences.
  • Translate official, technical, medical and legal documents and audio recordings into English.
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Court Reporters

Supervisor: Ms. Susan Pearce-Bates
Principal Court Reporter
Phone: 646-386-4400
Fax: 212-374-3133
111 Centre Street, Room 921, 9th Floor


  • Make and maintain a verbatim stenographic record of all court proceedings.
  • Transcribe all court proceedings as required or requested by an appellate court, trial judge, attorney, litigant or member of the public.
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Court Security Services

Supervisor: Major Gerard Duffy
Phone: 646-386-4100
Fax: 212-374-6007
100 Centre Street, Room 1528, 15th Floor

Captain: Vidal Velazquez
Phone: 646-386-4111
Fax: 646-748-0036
100 Centre Street, Room 1416, 14th Floor

Captain: James Whitehead
111 Centre Street
Phone: 646-386-4444
Fax: 212-748-5939
Room 933, 9th Floor


  • Provide security in the courtrooms and other areas of the courthouse and patrol the outside of the courthouse.
  • Guard defendants.
  • Maintain order during court sessions.
  • Escort judges, jurors, witnesses and prisoners to and from courtrooms.
  • Provide assistance in emergency situations.
  • Maintain EMS equipment and provide emergency medical assistance.
  • Prepare, update and endorse prisoner commitment cards (299s).
  • Prepare incident reports.
  • Arrest and search individuals.
  • Supervise and protect sequestered jurors.
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Executive Offices

Administrative Judge: Hon. Ellen Biben
Court Attorney: Ms. Dana Levin, Esq.
Secretary: Ms. Rachel Bigio

Chief Clerk/Executive Officer: Mr. Christopher DiSanto, Esq.
Secretary: Ms. Carissa Zucco
Phone: 646-386-3900
Fax: 212-374-3177
100 Centre Street, Room 1008

Deputy Chief Clerk: Mr. Michael DiMaggio
Phone: 646-386-3999
Fax: 212-374-3177
100 Centre Street, Room 1010

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Facilities Office

Supervisor: Mr. Frank Allocca, Court Analyst
Phone: 646-386-3928
100 Centre Street, Room 1005, 10th Floor


  • Facilitate repair and maintenance work by the custodial and engineering staff and outside contractors.
  • Coordinate installation and repair of telephones and telephone lines.
  • Maintain furniture inventory.
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Indictment Unit

Supervisor: Mr. Duane Robb, Associate Court Clerk
Phone: 646-386-3923
100 Centre Street, Room 1002, 10th Floor


  • Prepare a Supreme Court case file for each indictment and Superior Court Information.
  • Maintain court files for cases in which a defendant has been indicted but not apprehended.
  • Process arrest warrants, superceding indictments, grand jury dismissals.
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Law Library

Mikhail Koulikov
Senior Law Librarian
Phone: 646-386-3805
Fax: 212-748-7908
100 Centre Street, 17th Floor


  • Maintain library and related services.
  • Rack legislation.
  • Provide technical support for legal research.
  • Provide supervision and support for the public access law library.
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Network Center

Alice Hegarty
Technical Manager
Phone: 646-386-4993
Fax: 212-401-9256
100 Centre Street, Room 325, 3rd Floor


  • Ensure availability of computer services to all users.
  • Install and maintain hardware and software at designated locations.
  • Monitor and maintain the daily operation of computer systems and networks.
  • Explain procedures to network users to resolve problems or to train new users.
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Personnel Unit

Supervisor: Ms. Rose Halloran, Senior Management Analyst
Phone: 646-386-3929
Fax: 212-374-0602
100 Centre Street, Room 1202, 12th Floor


Process and maintain all paperwork relevant to new employees.
For examination information, call 800-578-5627
For current job postings, call 800-654-5578

  • Process payrolls.
  • Process time and leave matters, workers' compensation claims, travel vouchers.
  • Supervise per diem court interpreters.
  • Process and maintain paperwork relevant to employee benefits.
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Quality Control/Statistics Unit

Supervisor: Ms. Gail Fleming, Associate Court Clerk
Phone: 646-386-3920
100 Centre Street, Room 1003, 10th Floor


  • Receive statistical reports from each Supreme Court part on a weekly basis.
  • Enter statistical report information into Case Activity Reporting System (CARS).
  • Receive and review finished case files from the Supreme Court parts on a daily basis.
  • Seal cases from the Supreme Court calendar.
  • Print and distribute all daily calendars for each Supreme Court part.
  • Print all future court calendars for photocopying and distribution by the Calendar Section.
  • Compile weekly statistics.
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Supply Bureau/Purchasing Office

Supervisor: Mr. Gary Leigh, Senior Court Analyst
Phone: 646-386-3922
Fax: 212-374-0191
100 Centre Street, Room 1005, 10th Floor

Auxiliary Office For Supplies:
100 Centre Street, Room 1121
Phone: 646-386-3933


  • Procure goods and services for court operations.
  • Accept deliveries and distribute supplies and equipment.
  • Control inventory.
  • Process vendor invoices.
  • Coordinate movement of furniture and equipment.
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