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County Clerk of New York County

Welcome to the County Clerk portion of this website. 

The County Clerk of the County of New York serves several functions.  First, the County Clerk is the Clerk of the Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County.  In this role, I am responsible for creating, and maintaining custody of, the case files for lawsuits commenced in this court; the maintenance of minutes for each case in which all filings in the case are recorded; and the entry into the minutes of orders and judgments issued by the court.  Under certain circumstances, the Clerk is authorized to sign and enter judgments. 

Second, the County Clerk is the Commissioner of Jurors for the Supreme Court, New York County, for both the Civil and the Criminal Branches.  As such, it is my duty to summon citizens to jury service and to provide the court with jurors for all civil and criminal cases in the Supreme Court in the county. 

Third, I carry out a number of miscellaneous functions, such as maintenance of the judgment and lien docket; issuance of business certificates, and authentication of records. Fees imposed by law for these services and court fees are collected by the County Clerk. 

The Supreme Court has its own administration, separate from the Office of the County Clerk, which supervises and administers the operation of the various court offices, courtrooms, and other court functions.  The Supreme Court and the County Clerk, however, work very closely and cooperatively in an effort to provide the highest possible level of service to the Bar and the public in the County of New York.

Details concerning the functions of the County Clerk are set forth on this website.  We hope the Bar and the public will find this information useful.

County Clerk Main Office:

New York County Courthouse
60 Centre Street, Room 161
New York, New York  10007


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