Brookyn Treatment Court
Supportive Services: Parents with a Story

Description: “Parents with a Story” is a restorative program that provides BTC residential participants an opportunity to connect with their children through audio-video recorded storytelling.

Purpose: To provide absent parents an active role in their children’s lives by audio-video recording them reading a story aloud and then sending the recorded DVD or CD and corresponding book home to the child. The child is then able to view the DVD or CD and read along with his or her parent as often as he or she wishes.

Rationale: It is very difficult for parents to participate in their children’s lives when separated. This program minimizes the distance between parent and child and provides an opportunity for positive communication to transpire. This fosters a more harmonious relationship and permits a more receptive response on the part of the child to their primary caregiver. When parents are able to be a constructive part of their children’s lives, they develop nurturing skills, such as reading to their children, which can be continued after completion of treatment. This program additionally assists in the development of reading skills and promotes reading as a positive activity.


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