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Family Stories - Lori & Jim Davis adoption of Lucas

National Adoption Day, November 16, 2012

As foster parents, we feel every child that comes to our home is part of our family. Every child is special. Every child has changed us for the better and brought us joy. Saying goodbye when they go home to their biological family is always bittersweet. However, on November 16, 2012, we didn't have to say goodbye. Instead, we welcomed our foster son into our family forever.

Lisa, Jim and Lucas

Lucas came to our home as a foster child in April 201 1 at the age of 3.5 months. We immediately felt connected to him. He was a happy baby that liked to smile and giggle. As time went on, we became closely attached to Lucas, and he to us. Months passed, and then a year. In August 2012, we sat in a court room in Oneida County with tears streaming down our faces as Lucas was freed for adoption. Finally, this precious little boy whom we loved with all our hearts, would become our son forever. On November 16, 2012, National Adoption Day, we traveled to Syracuse, NY with a group of our closest family and friends to adopt Lucas. The ceremony was truly amazing. When it was time to finalize the adoption, we sat in front of Honorable Judge Randall Caldwell. Lucas sat between us with each of our mothers, soon to be grandmas, on either side. The rest of our friends and family stood behind us. As
Judge Caldwell began the adoption proceedings, the tears began to come. There was not a dry eye among us. As Lucas played with a balloon, a bell rang, signifying the fmalization of the adoption.

Now, we look back on that special day with tremendous appreciation for the team of individuals who organized the National Adoption Day ceremony. Being present with all the other adoptive families and sharing a mutualjoy as we all became forever families was an abundantly meaningful experience. We will never forget that day, nor those who made all of our dreams come true. Welcome home, Lucas

James Davis!

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