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You have been selected to serve as a juror for the courts of record in Westchester County. It is our distinct pleasure to welcome you to service, and we hope you will find the experience greatly satisfying and richly rewarding.

Trial Jurors are placed on standby and only report to the Westchester County Courthouse when instructed, via a telephone call-in system. Trial Jurors are on-call for jury selection for one week, and may not have to report the first day. Click on Daily Call-In message or call 914-824-5600 (select option #1) for further information regarding your jury service.

Grand Jurors usually serve one or two days a week for a four week period. Please report to the Central Jury Room in the Westchester County Courthouse on the date indicated on the front of your summons.

In case of Inclement Weather, please check the Daily Call-In message or call 914-824-5600 (select option #1 for Trail Jurors and #2 for Grand Jurors) for updates regarding court delays or court closing, due to inclement weather. Information will also be available on your local TV and radio stations.

If you have a disability and are in need of an accommodation, please call 914-824-5620, or for a relay call, 1-800-662-1220 upon receipt of your notice.

Directions to the Westchester County - Daronco Courthouse, 111 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. White Plains, NY 10601. Go to Printable Directions or use Google Maps Directions


Effective January 1, 1996, there are no automatic or occupational exemptions from jury service. The law does allow you one postponement. The request must be made at least 5 court days prior to the term date on your summons. Only one postponement will be granted and must include an alternate date of service within (6) months or the Court will assign a date. The request for this one postponement may be made by telephone, (914) 824-5600, or mail and will be granted automatically. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES WILL BE CONSIDERED ON DATE SCHEDULED TO REPORT FOR SERVICE. Please be aware that should you be selected for a jury, the trial may last for several days or several weeks.

  • Emergency: A second postponement may only be considered for a family or medical emergency.
  • Matters of Conscience: An application to be excused based on matters of conscience should be handled during jury selection and determined by the judge.
  • Request from Employer: We do not accept any request from an employer.
  • Work Related Excuse: A work related excuse is not a valid reason for another postponement.
  • Severe Financial Hardship: Pursuant to the Chief Administrative Rules, severe or undue hardship is based upon service as a juror for 5 or more consecutive days. Please make arrangements to report as directed, at which time you may make your application to the presiding judge.
  • Student: As there are no exemptions, students must select an alternate date to serve during school recess.


A longer postponement may be considered if the prospective juror has demonstrated satisfactorily that: (1) he or she has a mental or physical condition that renders him or her incapable of performing jury service. (2) he or she has a personal obligation to care for another, including a sick, aged, infirm or disabled dependent or minor child. A permanent disqualification may be granted in some circumstances for medical reasons or age.

Please submit all the following documentation with your summons. Please do not presume that the request will automatically be granted. Upon review of all of the supporting documentation, a determination will be made. If you do NOT hear from this office, your request has been approved.

a) An original statement by a licensed physician, psychiatrist or psychologist, setting forth a diagnosis of the mental or physical condition, a prognosis of the length of time the condition is expected to continue or last, and a conclusion that the juror is physically or mentally not capable of performing jury service.

b) Juror must also provide a statement indicating his or her age, if employed, nature of employment and hours worked.

Care givers:
a) A copy of the birth certificate of a minor child.

b) A Statement by the care giver as to why no alternate care is available by either a spouse, friend, neighbor, other relative or paid care giver without severe financial hardship. Pursuant to the Chief Administrative Rules, severe or undue hardship is based upon service as a juror for five consecutive days.

c) An original statement signed by a licensed physician, psychiatrist or psychologist describing the condition of an aged, sick, infirm or disabled person.

d) A statement by the applicant that he or she is the primary care giver and setting forth circumstances necessitating the care giving services of the applicant, the hours that the applicant provides such care and the reasons why the applicant cannot make arrangements for care to be provided by another during the period of jury service.

e) Documentation verifying any employment of the applicant, including hours worked.

A juror 78 years of age or older may request to be excused because of age. At 75 years of age or older, a juror may be excused, if physically unable to serve, by submitting the request in writing.



to be a New York State Juror, in Westchester County, you must be:
• a United States citizen
• at least 18 years old
• a resident of Westchester County
• able to understand and communicate in the English language
• have NOT been convicted of a Felony.

If you meet ALL of these qualifications, you can complete a questionnaire online to be qualified to serve as a Juror, or you may call 914-824-5600, and select Option # 5.


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