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The Court of Appeals, New York State's highest court, is composed of a Chief Judge and six Associate Judges, each appointed to a 14-year term. New York's highest appellate court was established to articulate statewide principles of law in the context of deciding particular lawsuits. The Court thus generally focuses on broad issues of law as distinguished from individual factual disputes. There is no jurisdictional limitation based upon the amount of money at stake in a case or the status or rank of the parties.
Notice to the Bar - Uniform Bar Examination

Upon recommendation of the Advisory Committee on the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE), the Court of Appeals has amended sections 520.2, 520.7, 520.8, 520.9 and 520.12 of the Rules for the Admission of Attorneys and Counselors at Law (22 NYCRR Part 520) to adopt the UBE, effective for the July 2016 administration of the New York State bar examination. Consistent with the Advisory Committee's recommendation, applicants who achieve a passing score on the UBE and seek admission in New York also will be required to complete two state-specific components: an online "New York Law Course" and a separate, online 50-question multiple choice exam, the "New York Law Exam." The Advisory Committee's report to the Court is available on the Committee's website here.

The Court also made a minor change to the Rules not related to the UBE. New language was added to section 520.16, pertaining to the 50-hour pro bono requirement for admission, to clarify the date after which eligible pro bono work must be performed.

A copy of the order amending the Court's Rules is below.

Questions related to the rule change may be directed to the Court's Office for Professional Matters at (518) 455-7760.

Full Notice to the Bar
2015 Law Day
Law Day 2015 will take place at Court of Appeals Hall on May 5, 2015, beginning at noon. Speakers include Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, Chief Judge of the State of New York, Eric T. Schneiderman, New York State Attorney General, and Glenn Lau-Kee, President of the New York State Bar Association. It will be webcast live here.
Notice to the Bar - April/May Oral Arguments

The Court will be hearing argument away from Court of Appeals Hall in Albany for a portion of its upcoming April/May 2015 Session.

The Court's April/May 2015 Session runs from April 28 through May 8, 2015. From April 28 through April 30, 2015, the Court will hear argument at the Judicial Institute, 84 North Broadway, White Plains, New York 10603. Arguments on those dates will commence at noon.

Any questions regarding the foregoing should be directed to the Clerk's Office at 518-455-7701 or 518-455-7702.

Notice to the Bar - Court Virtual Tour
The Court of Appeals has added to its website a virtual tour of historic Court of Appeals Hall. The virtual tour includes detailed views of the Courtroom and other public areas of the Courthouse. The public will also be able to see certain behind-the-scene areas of the Court, such as the Conference Room and a typical Judge's Chambers. Throughout the virtual tour, background information is provided to enhance the viewer's experience. Click here for the virtual tour.
2014 New York State Court of Appeals Annual Report
The Court has released its 2014 Annual Report. It can be viewed on line here.
Notice to the Bar - 2016 Calendar Sessions
The Court of Appeals has released its 2016 Calendar of Sessions. The schedule includes the appeal sessions as well as the Court 's conference days, which are scheduled for June 21 and 22 and December 14 and 15. August 23 and 24 are special election appeals session days.
Full Notice to the Bar
Notice - Court of Appeals Twitter Account

The Court of Appeals has launched a Twitter feed. The Twitter feed will provide notification of the online posting of Court information, including Court decisions and other news. This is a logical extension of the Court's use of digital technology to reach out to the Bar and public.

The Twitter handle is @NYCourtsCOA. Alternatively, if you do not wish to access this information through a Twitter account, you may receive the Court's alerts by texting Follow NYCourtsCOA to 40404.

The service will not allow direct communication with the Court.


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