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  March 25th, 2010 - Onondaga County Courthouse - Syracuse  

No. 74 - Cayuga Indian Nation of New York v Gould
No. 75 - Matter of Aikens v Nell
No. 76 - People v Derek Backus
No. 77/78 - People v Tara Gravino / People v Robert W. Ellsworth

  March 24th, 2010  
  No. 71 - Howard S. v Lillian S.
No. 72 - People v Alex Rivera
No. 73 - People v Joshua Zona
  March 23rd, 2010  
  No. 46 - Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC v King
No. 66 - Hurrell-Harring v State of New York
No. 67 - Adams v Genie Industries, Inc.
No. 68 - People v Rance Scully
No. 69 - People v Terrance Johnson
No. 70 - People v Norman McBride
  March 22nd, 2010  

No. 41 - People v John Daly
No. 62 - Zakrzewska v The New School
No. 63 - Matter of Leon St. Clair Nation v City of New York
No. 64 - People v Steven Acevedo
No. 65 - City of New York v Maul