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Important Information About Cases In Part 60
(former Justice Bernard Fried)

Honorable Bernard J. Fried, Justice of the Commercial Division (Part 60), is retiring from the bench. Honorable Marcy S. Friedman, previously assigned to IAS Part 57 and to the Center for Complex Litigation, has been named a Justice of the Commercial Division, effective July 16, 2012. It is anticipated that the entirety of the inventory of Part 60 will be transferred in the court’s computer to Justice Friedman by July 20, 2012. However, any proposed orders to show cause or other applications in Part 60 cases that require prompt judicial action should, effective immediately, be presented to Justice Friedman after submission in the normal manner to the Commercial Division Support Office.

Within a few weeks Justice Friedman will cease to be a Justice of the Center for Complex Litigation. Her place in the Center will be taken by Honorable Cynthia S. Kern (Part 55). It is anticipated that the several groups of mass tort actions that have been assigned to Justice Friedman in the Center and in Part 57 will be transferred to Justice Kern in Part 55 by August 15, 2012.

Information on the reassignment of General Assignment cases (i.e., other than mass tort cases) that have previously been assigned to Justice Friedman in Part 57 will be made available shortly. Counsel are advised to follow this space for such information.

Applications for the approval of the transfer of structured settlements in return for lump sum payments (Structured Settlement Protection Act, GOL § 5-1701 et seq.), which have previously been assigned to Part 55, shall henceforth be assigned to Honorable Saliann Scarpulla (Part 19). All other cases that have heretofore been assigned to Justices Kern and Scarpulla in Parts 55 and 19, respectively, will remain assigned to those Justices in those Parts.

Information on appearances and other developments in any of the cases affected by these reassignments, as well as most other cases in the court, may be obtained by consulting the Supreme Court Records On-Line Library (Scroll), a joint project of the County Clerk of New York County and the Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County. Scroll may be accessed on the website of the court at at the “Case Information” link. There is no charge to use Scroll.

Attorneys are also advised to sign up to use the court system’s e-Track case tracking and notification service. Attorneys may record in e-Track the cases in which they appear that are pending in Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County. Then, whenever a development occurs in any such case that is recorded in the court’s case history database (e.g., issuance of a decision or order, change of the scheduled date of a conference), a notification will be automatically transmitted by e-Track to counsel via e-mail. Attorneys may also schedule electronic reminders of upcoming appearances via e-Track. The e-Track application is accessible on the website of the New York State Unified Court System at or at the “E-Courts” link from the home page at There is no charge to use e-Track.

Certain notices of appearances that were previously provided by the court by mail will no longer be transmitted. Counsel should use e-Track to obtain notification thereof.

Justice Friedman will take over Justice Fried’s courtroom (Room 248) at the beginning of August 2012. Between now and then, any delivery for Part 60 shall be made to Justice Friedman in Room 335. Counsel are reminded that most cases in Part 60 are e-filed matters. The telephone number of Part 60 will remain unchanged (646-386-3310). Justice Friedman’s Chambers and Chambers telephone will remain the same. The courtrooms and Chambers of Justices Kern and Scarpulla and their telephone numbers shall remain unchanged.

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