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  January 12, 2012  

No. 29 People v Anthony Steward / No. 30 People v Nafis Wright
No. 31 People v Gilberto Sosa
No. 32 People v Saleem Khan

  January 11, 2012  

No. 25 Kahn v New York City Department of Education / No. 26 Nash v Board of Education of the City School District of the City of New York
No. 27 Matter of Rosenblum v The New York City Conflicts of Interest Board
No. 28 People v Howard K. Smith

  January 10, 2012  

No. 19 Stuto v Kerber
No. 20 Federal Insurance Company v International Business Machines Corporation
No. 21 Eastside Exhibition Corp. v 210 East 86th Street Corp.
No. 22 People v Kevin Smith
No. 23 Dahar v Holland Ladder & Manufacturing Company

  January 9, 2012  

No. 15 Thomas H. (Anonymous) v Paul B. (Anonymous)
No. 16 Matter of Sedacca v Mangano
No. 17 Matter of Williams v Fischer
No. 18 Martino v Stolzman / Rost v Stolzman

  January 5, 2012  

No. 11 People v Santos Quinto
No. 12 People v Alaa Agina
No. 13 People v Mickey Cass
No. 14 Matter of Cappellino v Baumann & Sons Bus Company

  January 4, 2012  

No. 6 SPCA of Upstate New York, Inc. v American Working Collie Association
No. 7 Posner v Lewis
No. 8 People v Corey Gamble
No. 9 Matter of the Foreclosure of Tax Liens by Proceeding in Rem Pursuant to Article Eleven of the Real Property Tax Law, by Orange County Commissioner of Finance v Helseth

No. 10 Regional Economic Community Action Program, Inc. v Enlarged City School District of Middletown

  January 3, 2012  

No. 1 Yenem Corp. v 281 Broadway Holdings / Randall Co., LLC v 281 Broadway Holdings
No. 2 Matter of Terrace Court, LLC v New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal
No. 3 Pesa v Yoma Development Group, Inc.

No. 4 Vega v Restani Construction Corp.
No. 5 Mirvish v Mott