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CLE PROGRAMS / What's Ahead
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The Life and Career of Learned Hand

The Legendary Learned Hand Up Close and Personal:
15 Years on the District Court and Beyond

Presented with The Supreme Court Historical Society, this program will provide a unique look at the life and career of the celebrated jurist Learned Hand and will feature presentations from scholars and those who knew Judge Hand personally.

Thursday, April 30, 2015 / The Thurgood Marshall Courthouse (40 Centre Street, NYC)

Human Trafficking and New York

Human Trafficking:
New York Courts Right an Injustice

The Society is working with NYS Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman on a program that will include a conversation with representatives of the police and legal community moderated by the Chief Judge, and a history look at the history of human trafficking in the United States and the development of the trailblazing Human Trafficking Courts in New York.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 / The New York City Bar Association

CLE PROGRAMS / What We've Done in the past year
Past Programs 2003-2013

Solicitors General and the Supreme Court: The New York Influence

Asian Americans & the Law: New York Pioneers in the Judiciary
2014 Stephen R. Kaye Memorial Program

Monday, December 15, 2014 / The New York City Bar

Solicitors General and the Supreme Court: The New York Influence

Illustrious Alumni, At Albany Law School
Created in partnership with the Dean of Albany Law School, Penny Andrews.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 / Albany Law School

Solicitors General and the Supreme Court: The New York Influence

Dreiser's "An American Tragedy:" The Law & The Arts
With Susan N. Herman, Centennial Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School &
Francesca Zambello, General & Artistic Director of the Glimmerglass Festival

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 / The New York City Bar


David A. Garfinkel Essay Scholarship

We have been working with educators across the State since 2008 to reach students in the SUNY and CUNY community college network and connect with them on legal issues, our court system, and themes of justice through this essay contest. For 2015 the topic of the essay scholarship will be LGBT: The Road to Equality. How haev the New York Courts addressed equal human rights for the LGBT Community

Recently the Society visited Hudson Valley Community College with retired Judge Ed Spain to talk about the Scholarship and legal history with students there. Next spring the Society will be visiting Queensborough Community College with Court of Appeals Judge Jenny Rivera. To learn more about these visits & the Scholarship, see our main Garfinkel Scholarship page.

Bard High School Early College Grants

This spring saw the implementation of Grant III in our relationship with Bard High School Early College, this time supporting the work teachers at their Long Island City campus. This grant supported the development of several units built around judicial opinions that illuminated important aspects of legal history. One, targeted at 9th Grade students, examined issues of slavery through the landmark NY case Lemmon v People. Two others, developed for 10th Grade history, look at important issues of free speech. Using the lenses of People v Croswell & People v American Socialist Society, these units asks students to examine important issues and place them in the conext of the eras in which they took place.

These curricula were first used this spring with excellent feedback and will be further improved to incorporate this real world feedback. The Trustees of the Society were given the opportunity to sit in on several class sessions.


Judicial Notice, Issue 10, Fall 2014

Judicial Notice

The Society annually publishes Judicial Notice a journal of articles of historical scholarship that uniquely focuses on New York legal history. Our next edition, Issue 10, & features the following articles:

Seward the Lawyer
by Walter Stahr
Eloquence, Reason and Necessity: Gitlow and New York After 9/11
by Daniel Kornstein
The New York and New Haven Stock Fraud Cases: How Alexander Hamilton's Nephew Swindled His Investors
by John D. Gordan, III
Theodore Theopolic Jones, Jr. (1944-2012), Court of Appeals: 2007-2012
by Janice E. Taylor & Clifton R. Branch, Jr.

2015 Calendar

2015 Calendar Cover

Inspired by the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, we have built the theme of our 2015 calendar around 100-year anniversaries. Starting in 915, the calendar covers a fascinating array of legal history, events and individuals from Henry I of England to Albert Einstein. Richly illustrated, this calendar provides interesting snapshots of these events. It culminates in December with a look at NYS Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, whose term ends that month.

Our calendar is distributed as our annual gift to Society members. To learn more about the benefits of Membership with the Society or to become a Member, see our Join the Society page.

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