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    Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) oversees Court-Connected ADR Programs, the Community Dispute Resolution Centers Program, the Attorney-Client Fee-Dispute Resolution Program, Collaborative Family Law Center, Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee, the Agricultural Mediation Program and the Children's Centers Program. We are housed within the Division of Professional and Court Services in the New York State Unified Court System Office of Court Administration.

ADR Staff work with judges, court administrators, and bar leaders throughout New York State to design appropriate dispute resolution programs that respond to the needs of local communities and courts. We also work closely with non-profit organizations in administering the state-wide Community Dispute Resolution Centers Program, which provides a community-based forum to resolve disputes that might otherwise become civil, family and criminal court cases. Our staff periodically coordinates programs for mediators, attorneys, judges, other court staff and members of the public.

If you want to learn more about ADR, we have collected a list of ADR web sites. These links will lead you off the Unified Court System's web site.