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Public Inspection

Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 6 of the Public Officers Law, the information contained in a financial disclosure statement is available for public inspection, except for categories of value or amount, the names of unemancipated children and any information deleted by the Commission. See 22 NYCRR §40.1(p)(1).

Any member of the public may obtain a copy of a financial disclosure statement , and a copy of a Notice of Delinquency, prepared for public inspection. These documents can be obtained through the mail, by e-mail, or from the Commission offices, upon submission of a public inspection request and payment of a fee to cover costs. The substance of the requests themselves, the identities of the requestors, and any documents pertaining to the requests for public inspection, are not available for public inspection. Only statements required to be filed for the seven reporting years prior to and including the current year are available for public inspection. See 22 NYCRR §7400.5.