Opinion 89-06

January 12, 1989


Topic:          Judge’s participating in a television game show.


Digest:         A judge may participate in a television game show.


Rules:          22NYCRR § 100.5(a)


         A judge inquires as to the propriety of his appearing on a television game show with his family. He would not be identified on the show as a judge or by his full name.

         Section 100.5 (a) of the Rules of Chief Administrator states that:


A judge may write, lecture, teach and speak on nonlegal subjects, and engage in the arts, sports and other social and recreational activities, if such avocational activities do not detract from the dignity of the office or interfere with the performance of judicial duties.

         As nothing in the rules prohibits a judge from participating in a television game show, the judge may appear on the show with his family.