Opinion 91-118

September 24, 1991

Dear Mrs.

         This will acknowledge, on behalf of the Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics, receipt of your inquiry (91-118), dated September 20, 1991, and received at this office on September 24, 1991.

         The statute and rules establishing the Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics authorize the Committee to render confidential ethical advisory opinions to judges or justices, who solicit its advice on ethical questions. The Committee is not authorized to perform any other functions or exercise any other powers, and cannot render any advice, legal or ethical, to officials, attorneys or other citizens, who are not judges or justices. The Committee has no investigatory or disciplinary powers or functions of any kind, nor can it review the correctness of any court decisions.

         The appellate process is available to correct legal errors made by trial courts. Administrative deficiencies in trial courts may be brought to the attention of the office of the appropriate District Administrative Judge. Allegations of wilful misconduct by judges or justices fall within the jurisdiction of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

                                                           Very truly yours,