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Victoria Fuller

Victoria "Vicki" Fuller
Sullivan Supreme/County

     Victoria Fuller has worked as a Court Assistant for the Sullivan County Supreme/County Court Clerk since November 1995. She promotes good will thru her services as our front counter person. Victoria fosters open communication handling difficult problem-solving situations. She is organized and familiar with the information she provides to assist the public, self represented litigants and attorneys. Victoria shows great patience and takes the time to go the extra mile to review papers of self represented litigants who are often unfamiliar with legal terminology. Her diligence and excellent listening skills help to resolve problems to satisfaction. She fosters a positive relationship with her fellow workers by building trust and confidence with her good judgment, understanding of her work and her professionalism. Besides being the Supreme Court motion clerk, Vicki handles jury selection and acts as part clerk. Victoria's demeanor, courteous-ness and professional manner exemplifies the attributes of her position of Court Assistant in the New York State Court System.


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