Quality Service

Award Winners

2003 Award Recipients

Patricia Schultz and Timothy Drew

Hats off to Pat Schultz and Tim Drew on receiving the 2003 Quality Service Award. In their official capacity in the Schenectady Supreme Court Law Library Pat and Tim have formulated a district wide development plan, have brought various collections together and have overseen the implementation of the UCS LIONS Program (an online catalog of the courts’ holdings)

As part of their roles as information providers, their attention became focused on Quality Service initiatives. It became a "..... natural evolution to offer these opportunities of enlightenment to the public and to our fellow employees...."

The first program was entitled "Lunch and Learn". When some attendees arrived and expected lunch to be served the program was quickly changed to "Class in the Courts".

On behalf of your many friends, colleagues and co-workers, we congratulate you and applaud your continued efforts to serve your fellow employees and the public.

Timothy Drew began his working career in the executive branch as a clerical worker and later worked briefly for AFSCME in Washington, D.C. Through competitive exams, Tim began his Unified Court System career in 1981 in Troy City Court - Civil Part as a Senior Office Assistant.

In 1989 Tim accepted a position as a Principal Office Assistant with the Schenectady County Surrogate Court where he worked until 1998 when he was assigned to his present position in the law library.

During his 22 years with the court system, Tim has maintained frontline interaction with the public from accepting small claims applications to assisting individuals with legal research.

In addition to his official duties, Tim likes to spend some of his spare time pursuing his favorite hobbies of collecting tattoos and gardening.

Patricia Schultz, a native of Niskayuna, N.Y. obtained her Master of Library Science degree and worked as a department head in the Troy Public Library. She began her career with the Unified Court System in August of 1980 as a Sr. Law Library Clerk and shortly thereafter, was promoted to Law Librarian.

Pat’s goal as librarian was to professionally organize the law library. After 18 years as the sole employee in the law library, she was afforded additional staffing when Tim Drew was assigned to assist her.

With Tim on board, the nature of Pat’s position was transformed. Together, Pat and Tim were successful in bringing all of the district’s libraries into compliance with the Public Access Law Library mandate.

In 1999 Pat was promoted to her present position as Sr. Law Librarian where she continues to oversee the various collections organized to the Library of Congress holdings and she remains steadfast in her goals to enrich and enlighten the public and court employees through the development and presentation of the Class in the Courts programs.

Excerpt from acceptance speech by Tim and Pat
"Every job has a reason and therefore a story. Class in the Court programs should be an unending mission of the Law Library. UCS is composed of a variety of courts, agencies and policies, all involved in public interaction, all waiting to be expanded and explained to our fellow employees and the public. The value of a career in public employment by and for our fellow citizens is what each of the shows tries to portray. Public service is a dedication to the betterment of our fellowship with all of the people who live in New York."



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