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2005 Award Recipients


Eddy Valdez, Assistant Deputy Chief Clerk, Bronx Civil Court

Photo: Eddy Valdez, Assistant Deputy Chief Clerk, Bronx Civil Court

Eddy Valdez immigrated to New York City from the Dominican Republic in his early teens. He and his family moved to Washington Heights where many other people from the Dominican Republic settled. It is there where he overcame his first challenge of learning the English language. Eddy was an avid reader - especially of science fiction and this pastime enabled him to accomplish his goal so competently that he soon became the neighborhood interpreter. He often accompanied family and friends to government agencies to act as their interpreter and fill out forms. Little did he know that this ability would launch his very successful career in the courts. He attended the neighborhood high school and was a recipient of the S.A.T. Scholarship.

Eddy's career in the court system began in 1988 as a Spanish interpreter assigned to Criminal Court in Richmond County. Happily for Eddy (since he now was a Bronx resident), the assignment to that county never came to fruition and he was able to begin in New York County. Eddy promoted quickly through the unified court system's promotional exams; he became a Senior Court Clerk in 1992, an Associate Court Clerk in 1995 and a Principal Court Clerk in 2001. In 2004 (just 15 years in the unified court system), he was appointed to his present position as the Assistant Deputy Chief Clerk to the Civil Term of the Bronx Civil Court.

Eddy's receipt of the Quality Service Award is a well deserved acknowledgment of the high standard of service that he has shown in his work throughout his career. Every day he demonstrates his beliefs in the principles of courtesy, respect and competency toward our litigants as well as coworkers. He is a tireless supervisor and on any day you can find him working both sides of the window. Whether it be assisting litigants with his bilingual skills, working the line to help expedite the process, assisting the staff with the proper application of legal court directives or rolling up his sleeves and moving boxes, you can be certain that he will do the task with those principles in mind. Eddy is unselfishly dedicated to the patrons of the Bronx Civil Court and often works through his lunch hour to assist a litigant or staff member. He emphasizes cross-training personnel in all the divisions in an attempt to cultivate an overall staff that is more competent to assist the court users and each other. Eddy's example along with strong leadership and management skills have resulted in the Bronx Civil Court's ability to service its users efficiently and equitably.



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