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2007 Award Recipients


award winner with presenter

Photo: (Left to Right) Alia Razzaq and Honorable Fern A. Fisher

Assistant Deputy Chief Alia Razzaq was truly honored and surprised to learn at Bronx Civil Court's holiday party with her friends and coworkers present that she was the recipient of the prestigious 2007 Quality Service Award. Ms. Razzaq has been in the Unified Court System for seventeen years. In 1990 she entered the UCS as a court assistant, she was promoted to senior court clerk in 1999, and in 2001 she was promoted to associate court clerk. In 2003, she received her first appointed position as assistant deputy chief clerk supervising Bronx Housing Court because of her work ethic and her desire to promote services to those she serves.

Ms. Razzaq is committed to customer service, no stranger to hard work, and always willing to give a helping hand. She is a team player who loves people and sets the pace and tone for others to follow in servicing the public. On a typical morning, Ms. Razzaq can be found in the lobby monitoring the service windows and greeting, guiding, and providing assistance to the flow of over 2,000 patrons who come daily to Bronx Housing Court. One of her many assets is giving her best to litigants. She is a strong believer in getting the job done with an eye to improving services.

Ms. Razzaq loves the challenge of being on the front lines monitoring a 100,000 square foot building and insuring that its facilities are acceptable for its users. Ms. Razzaq is impressed with employees who like herself show dedication, a love for hard work, and a desire to help. She attributes her strong feeling for helping her patrons to her strong family values and community ties. She is an active member of the Anti-Discrimination Panel and the Bronx Housing Court Committee, and acts as ADA liaison.

Ms. Alia Razzaq is Bronx Housing Court's number one performer because she continually strives to give the community the best services that the UCS has to offer.



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