Quality Service

Award Winners

2008 Award Recipients


Photo: (Left to Right) Chief Clerk (Civil Term) Thomas Kilfoyle, Captain Michael Magliano, Chief Clerk (Criminal Term) James F. Imperatrice

Captain Michael Magliano started his career in the Unified Court System in 1983. He now commands a staff of approximately two hundred officers at Kings County Supreme Court. Captain Magliano has been working his way up through the ranks for the past 25 years, therefore, he understands every aspect of the job his officers must perform. He demonstates daily that kindness and understanding, more often than not, do more than muscle and dismissive words to diffuse tense situations.

Captain Magliano treats his fellow officers, attorneys, defendants and the public with equal courtesy and respect. He leads by example and believes strongly in the principles of Quality Service. As a result, the officers in his command exemplify those principles. He sets an example that we would all be proud to emulate because of his character, expertise and his leadership skills.



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