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Photo: (Left to Right) Honorable Vito C. Caruso, Fourth Judicial District Administrative Judge and Lieutenant Richard Anderson

Lieutenant Richard Anderson, who oversees the Central Command in the 4th District, has been with the Unified Court System for approximately 12 years, maintaining order and providing security in court buildings from the Bronx to Washington County. After an outstanding tenure as the Sergeant in Warren County, Lieutenant Anderson took on his new duties as Lieutenant with the same energy and enthusiasm he displayed in his former role. He is known as being dependable, knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy, always doing his job in an exceptional manner.

Lieutenant Anderson has a flair for defusing potentially hostile situations in a direct manner while preserving the integrity of the parties involved. He is also talented in forging relationships with other agencies connected to the court. He has demonstrated this on numerous occasions, one of which involved a building fire causing the courts to relocate and another involving a suspicious “powdery substance”. In both instances, Lieutenant Anderson, willingly took charge, remained calm and professional, defined a plan of action and made both these most unpleasant situations tolerable for all those involved. In short, Lieutenant Anderson is an exemplary employee, well respected by his peers and his staff. Quality service is a large part of all aspects of his daily performance. We are proud to have Lieutenant Rich Anderson working with us in the Fourth Judicial District.



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