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Award Winners

2008 Award Recipients

Photo: Administrative Judge Hon. Michael V. Coccoma, and Patricia Kreitzer

Patricia Kreitzer, Chief Clerk in Chemung Surrogate’s Court won the 2008 Quality Service Award in the Sixth Judicial District. The award was presented at the Sixth District’s Fall Court Managers Meeting on October 15, 2008, by the District Administrative Judge Michael V. Coccoma. Pat started with the Sixth District in 1983 as a Court Assistant in Chemung Supreme and County Court and was promoted to Chief Clerk in Surrogate’s Court in 1995.

The following are some excerpts from Pat’s nomination:

“Pat is an extremely valuable employee who has developed strong relationships among court personnel and is sought out when there are issues in the Universal Case Management System that is used by Surrogate’s Courts across the state.

- She has an uncanny understanding of the workings of the program and can usually fix anything brought to her attention. If your court is short-staffed for any reason, she is always ready to take charge and go to that court to make sure business runs as usual while still maintaining her own court.

- She has conducted many training sessions to make sure every person in Surrogate’s Court has the opportunity to learn and master all the changes and improvements that are constantly implemented.

- Pat sets the standards very high and we all should strive to become the kind of person she is.”


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