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Photo: (Left to Right) Warren Clark, Chief Clerk, District Court, Madeleine Fitzgibbon, Supervising Judge, District Court, Philip Gallo, Thomas Lorito, District Executive and Hon. Richard Horowitz, District Court Judge from Smithtown

Philip Gallo began his career with the Unified Court System as a court officer in 1977 where he was assigned to the night arraignment part. While working as a court officer, Mr. Gallo attended the New York Institute of Technology where he graduated cum laude with a Bachelors of Science degree. Thereafter, while continuing to work full time as a court officer, he attended Touro Law School. In 1995, upon his admission to the bar, Mr. Gallo was hired as a court attorney in the Suffolk County District Court.

In addition to his regular duties working as a Senior Court Attorney for the District Court judges, Mr. Gallo has assisted in administering the development of a Parole Part in the District Court and frequently interfaces with Mental Health Agencies for community based treatment and incarceration alternatives. He is a delegate with the Suffolk County Court Employees Union, representing court attorneys, court reporters and judicial secretaries.


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