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Award Winners

2009 Award Recipients


award winner with presenters

Photo: (Left to Right) District Administrative Judge, Hon. Vito C. Caruso, Dianne Herne, Tammy Lomaki, and District Executive, Sherry L. Barnum

Tammy Lomaki and Dianne Herne provide prompt and professional law library-based services to several North Country communities, to other NYS libraries, and occasionally to out-of-state patrons.

They routinely provide reference and research services to the bench, the bar, and the public, and work diligently to develop and maintain a collection that contains up-to-date and highly relevant legal reference resources.

Tammy and Dianne are actively involved in the implementation of community outreach projects. Through this outreach, they promote law libraries and bring to the community's attention the existence and accessibility of the many resources and services available at the St. Lawrence and Franklin Law Libraries.

In April 2009, Tammy was invited to serve a two-year term as an Advisory Board member for the new legal studies program at SUNY Canton. She also led a law library-based legal research session for northern Franklin County high school students participating in the "New Visions" educational program.

Dianne assisted in the preparation of materials used in conjunction with an elective course, "Indian Law for Local Courts," that was presented to town and village justices.

Tammy and Dianne are both highly committed to providing quality service, and take very seriously their roles in providing this service to the courts and citizens of the North Country and beyond and have been nominated as a "team", which is they way the work together!



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