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  • GungaWeb
    A specialized resource in New York State criminal law. Detailed plea and sentencing reports, with links to supporting references. Dynamic derivation of lesser included offenses. Defined terms linked to definitions. Includes analyses of statutes and commentary on new legislation. Coverage of all Penal Law offenses, plus DWI. Current and prior law. Updated continuously.

  • National Criminal Justice Reference Service
    NCJRS is a federally funded resource offering justice and substance abuse information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide. CJRS services and resources are available to anyone interested in crime and public safety including policymakers, practitioners, researchers, educators, community leaders, and the general public. NCJRS offers a range of services and resources, balancing the information needs of the field with the technological means to receive and access support. The following offers a number of highlights of NCJRS services and resources.

  • Crimelynx
    Crimelynx features four major components of links, covering legal research, forensics and experts, investigations, and crime policy. Also, CrimeLynx is updated daily with news and commentary covering crime-related news and politics.

  • Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
    The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics brings together data from more than 100 sources about all aspects of criminal justice in the United States. These data are displayed in over 600 tables. Currently this site presents Sourcebook 2001, the 29th edition.

  • National Crime Prevention Council
    NCPC's Mission is to enable people to create safer and more caring communities by addressing the causes of crime and violence and reducing the opportunities for crime to occur. This web site provides crime prevention information.

  • FindLaw:Criminal
    It provides criminal law resources in FindLaw, related FindLaw guide pages, related West Group products and selected criminal law web sites.

  • NYPD
    Find criminal justice information from New York Police Department.

  • New York State Police
    Find criminal justice information from New York State Police Department.

  • New York Criminal Jury Instructions
    This is the only current and official Internet edition of The Committee on Criminal Jury Instructions, Second Edition (CJI2d). CJI2d has now superseded almost all charges that define crimes and are currently found in books two and three of Criminal Jury Instructions, First Edition, (CJI).

  • WebCrims Search for Court Appearance
    Search for future dates for defendants in the following courts: Bronx Criminal Court, Bronx Supreme Court, Dutchess County Court, Buffalo City Court, Erie County Court, Kings Criminal Court, Kings Supreme Court, Nassau County Court, Nassau District Court, New York Criminal Court, New York Supreme Court, Orange County Court, Putnam County, Queens Criminal Court, Queens Supreme Court, Richmond Criminal Court, Richmond Supreme Court, Rockland County Court, Suffolk County Court, Suffolk District Court, Westchester County Court.

  • DPINFO-Death Penalty Information
    DPINFO offers the latest death penalty headlines, articles, and up to date death penalty information.

  • New York State Crime Victim Board
    If you are a crime victim and need help, check this web site to find useful information.

  • Online New York Criminal Sentence Assistant
    This is an online guide to New York State sentences in criminal cases. Keep in mind that this guide is not meant to be a substitute for the opinion of a qualified New York criminal defense lawyer. If you have a real criminal case, please discuss your case with a qualified New York criminal defense lawyer or attorney.

  • New York City Criminal Court Arraignments Information
    Information in this web site will help you put the name of the crime to a penal law section number you may have heard; help you find the penal law section number of the name of the crime; help you get a sense of the seriousness of the crime by the offense level; help you to get a very general sense of the potential sentences or punishments for the crime charged.


  • provides users with access to a rich collection of on-line resources relating to ethics and the law, including, articles, links to Internet resources, and the WebEthics Discussion Forum.

  • United States Office of Government Ethics
    The Office of Government Ethics exercises leadership in the executive branch to prevent conflicts of interest on the part of Government employees, and to resolve those conflicts of interest that do occur. On this site you will be able to access data about OGE and the services it provides. This site will also help you understand the executive branch ethics program.

  • Legal Ethics-Selected sources at Cornell Law Library
    This site provides selected information on Legal Ethics, which is grouped into several categories, including "Important Web Sites", "ABA Codes, Rules & Opinions", "State Codes, Rules & Opinions", "Rules, Reports, Statements", "Secondary Sources", "Ethical Considerations in Areas", "Periodicals on Legal Ethics", and "Audiovisual Materials".

  • ABA Center for Professional Responsibility
    ABA Center for Professional Responsibility provides national leadership and vision in developing and interpreting standards and scholarly resources in legal ethics, professional regulation, professionalism and client protection mechanisms.

  • ABA/BNA Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct
    The most authoritative source for news and guidance on every aspect of attorney conduct and legal ethics. Print reference material is updated bi-weekly and indexed semi-annually. Print notification is issued bi-weekly and indexed every four months, cumulating annually.Web notification is available weekly and archived to 2/04/1998. E-mail summaries, providing the highlights and table of contents for each report, with URLs to full text articles and documents are also available.

  • Library of The New York County's Lawyers Association
    This site provides the full-text of NYCLA's Ethics Opinions.

  • CITY BAR online lawyer services
    This site contains index of formal ethic opinions provided by association of the Bar of the New York Committee on professional and judicial ethics. A FAQ section for frequent inquires on ethics is available.



  • is a leading expert directory with 15,000+ experts, expert witnesses, investigators, court reporters and consultants, is part of the National Law Journal's Litigation Services Network, a collection of news and information tools tailored specially to meet the needs of the trial law community.

  • provides both legal and lawyer referral information to people with low-incomes as well as to provide support and information to attorneys and advocates serving them. This site has been built by Pro Bono Net, a nonprofit organization in New York City.



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