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Titles Published by West

Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts, 2d, -current
Elder Law and Guardianship in New York, -current
Elder Law Practice Forms, -current
Family Business Organizations Forms, -current
Forms and Agreements for Architects, Engineers & Contractors, -current
Handling a Criminal Case in New York, Forms, -current
Harris 5th Ed. NY Estates: Estate Planning and Taxation
Harris 5th Ed. NY Estates: Probate, Administration and Litigation
Law of Trusts and Trustees
Legal Directory
McKinney's Consolidated Laws of NY Annotated, -current
Medical Malpractice, Checklists & Discovery, -current
NY Elder Law Practice Forms
NY Estate Planning and Taxation
NY Practice Series, Employment Law in New York
NY Practice Series,Enforcing Judgments & Collecting Debts in NY
NY Practice Series, Landlord and Tenant Practice in NY, -current
NY Practice Series, NY Civil Appellate Practice, -current
NY Practice Series, NY Family Court Practice
NY Practice Series, NY Law of Domestic Relations
NY Practice Series, Personal Injury Practice in NY
NY Practice Series, Trusts and Estates Practice in NY, -current
NY Zoning Law and Practice, -current
Oehmke Commercial Arbitration, -current
Qualified Retirement Plans, -current
Ribstein and Keatinge on Limited Liability Companies, -current
Siegel's NY Practice
United States Code Annotated, -current
West Suite
Westlaw Database Directory
White Collar Crime, -current

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Titles Published by Lexis

Citations Tools 2003
Drafting NY Wills
LexisNexis Research Software
Michie's AL Code General Index
NY Standard Civil Deskbook, -current
NYSBA Guardianship Forms Demo
Personal Injury, -current
Planning for Large Estates, -current
United States Code Service

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Titles Published by James

How to prepare for, Take and Use a Deposition, -current
Insurance Settlement Handbook, -current
Maximizing Damages in Small Personal Injury Cases, -current
NY Civil Practice Before Trial, -current
NY Motor Vehicle Accidents, -current
NY Objections, Trial Practice, Tips, and Cases
Preparing for Trial in Federal Court, -current
Slip & Fall Practice, -current

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Titles Published by Folio

Anderson's Estate Planning, Forms and Clauses
Core Materials on Legal Ethics
Folk on the Delaware General Corporation Law

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Titles Published by H.W.Wilson

Index to Legal Periodicals, -current

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