12. PART 130 CERTIFICATION (Form UD-12):

Part 130 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator of the Courts [22 NYCRR] requires that you, or your attorney if you have one, must certify, by your signature, that every document relating to the divorce action which is served, filed or submitted to the court, is not frivolous as defined in subsection (c) of section 130-1.1, which provides:

§130-1.1(c) For purposes of this Part, conduct is frivolous if:

(1) it is completely without merit in law and cannot be supported by a reasonable argument for an extension, odification or reversal

of existing law;

(2) it is undertaken primarily to delay or prolong the resolution of the litigation, or to harass or maliciously injure nother; or

(3) it asserts material factual statements that are false.

You will satisfy the requirements of this rule by signing the form. Be sure to type or print your name beneath your signature.