This affidavit must be filled out by the person that serves the summons with notice or the summons and verified complaint on your spouse (the Defendant). You need not file this form if Defendant executes the Affidavit of Defendant (Form UD-7), which satisfies the proof of service requirement.

Field 1: Insert the county in which the action is brought. Be consistent with prior forms.

Field 2: Print the Plaintiff's name.

Field 3: Insert the index number.

Field 4: Print the Defendant's name.

Field 5: Insert the state and county where the process server signed this document before a notary public.

Fields 6, 7: The process server must fill in his or her name and address.

Field 8: The process server must fill in the details of when and where the Defendant was served, and must check the appropriate boxes as to the documents that were served. If there are children under the age of 21, the Child Support Standards Chart must also be served on the Defendant. The Chart is available at the Supreme Court Clerk's Office.

Field 9: The process server must check the option that specifies how he or she identified the Defendant and check all the applicable identifying characteristics of the Defendant. If the first option is checked, the process server must describe how he or she became acquainted with the Defendant. If you provided the process server with the Defendant's picture, or pointed out the Defendant to the process server, you must address this in the Affidavit of Plaintiff (Form UD-6).

Field 10: The process server must ask the Defendant whether he or she is a member of the military of this state or any other state or this nation. Strike either 6(a) or 6(b). Where 6(b) applies, fill in the military service which the Defendant claims to be a member of. If you hired an investigator to determine the Defendant's military status, annex an affidavit of the investigator (see Appendix for form). If you inquired into or determined the Defendant's military status yourself, you should address this in the Affidavit of Plaintiff (Form UD-6). If your proof of the Defendant's military status is through either of the latter options, strike paragraph 6.

Field 11: The process server must sign the document when completed before a notary public.