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Date - Title

Dec. 23 - Appointments Made To Appellate Term, 9th and 10th Districts

Dec. 8 - New Administrative Judge Named for Nassau County Courts

Dec. 3 - Commission to Promote Public Confidence in Judicial Elections Releases Interim Report

  - Report | Appendix A | Appendix B | Appendix C | Appendix D

Nov. 22 - New York Hosts National Adoption Day

Nov. 19 - New Administrative Judge of Suffolk County Courts Named

Nov. 10 - Hon. Ann Pfau Elevated to First Deputy Chief Administrative Judge; Hon. Neil Firetog Named Administrative Judge of Supreme Court in Brooklyn and Staten Island

Nov. 10 - First Comprehensive Study on New York Drug Courts Shows Significant Reductions in Recidivism: Vast Implications on Drug Courts Nationwide

  - NYS Adult Drug Court Evaluation

Oct. 20 - Parents Go Back to School to Ease Divorce Trauma for Children

July 10 - New Filings Fees in NYC Civil Court Will Not Be Implemented

July 9 - Agreement to Open County/City Court in Syracuse

June 25 - New Supervising Judge of Family Courts Appointed in the 7th Judicial District

May 21 - Major Overhaul of the State's Adoption System

May 1 - Chief Judge Judith Kaye's Special Law Day Message

Apr. 24 - Statement from Chief Administrative Judge regarding Gerald Garson

Apr. 16 - Commission to Foster Public Confidence in State's Elected Judges and the Electoral Process

Apr. 9 - Chief Judge's Appointment of New Commission Marks Start of Second Phase of Jury Reform in New York

Mar. 26 - New York City Housing Court Judges Appointed

Mar. 17 - Courts Host Day-Long Discussions with Clergy

Feb. 4 - Grand Opening of Queens Family Court

Feb. 4 - Janet DiFiore Named Supervising Judge for Criminal Courts in the 9th District

Feb. 3 - Appointments of Supervising Judges in the 8th Judicial District

Jan. 14 - New Appointments: Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Court Operations & Planning & Administrative Judge for New York City Criminal Court

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Date - Title

Dec. 20 - Sharon Townsend Named 8th District Administrative Judge

Dec. 2 - Courts Adopt New Fiduciary Appointment Rules

Oct. 10 - Bronx Supreme Court Administrative Judges Appointed

Oct. 1 - New Court in Brooklyn Targets Mentally Ill Offenders

Sep. 24 - Historical Society for the Courts of New York Formed

Sep. 24 - New York Courts Hold Summit on Impact of 9-11

July 22 - Judicial Committee on Women in the Courts Releases 15-Year Report

June 26 - Court System's 2002 Merit Performance Award Winners Named

June 17 - Greg Berman Named Director of Center for Court Innovation

June 14 - Robert Keating Appointed as New York Judicial Institute Dean

May 20 - New Harlem Court to Focus on Juvenile Drug Cases

Apr. 24 - Commission to Examine Future of Court Documents on the Internet

Apr. 10 - Courts to Begin "Secure Pass" System for Attorneys

Mar. 12 - Court System Consolidates Investigative Offices

Mar. 8 - Court System Appoints New Public Affairs Director

Feb. 27 - Hon. Leonard Rienzi Appointed Supervising Judge in Staten Island

Feb. 7 - Hon. Michael Pesce and Hon. Ann Pfau Appointed to New Posts

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Date - Title

Nov. 26 - Bronx Integrated Domestic Violence Court Opens

Nov. 1 - Hon. Alan Oshrin Named Suffolk County Administrative Judge

Oct. 24 - Integrated Domestic Violence Court Opens in Westchester

Oct. 2 - Groundbreaking for Nation's 1st Judicial Institute

Sep. 11 - Chief Judge Targets Shortfall of Civil Legal Services for New York's Poor

Aug. 14 - Groundbreaking for Bronx Criminal Court Complex

July 24 - New York is First State to Regulate MDP

June 13 - Groundbreaking for New York State's Largest Courthouse

May 17 - Innovative Harlem Court Makes Justice a Community Project

May 2 - Court System Launches New Community Outreach Website

May 1 - Law Day 2001- Four Court Employees Honored for Heroism, Public Service and Professional Excellence

Mar. 29 - Jacqueline Silbermann Named Supreme Court Administrative Judge

Mar. 26 - Appellate Division First Department Committee on the Representation of the Poor Calls for Restructuring of the Ways Governmentally Funded Legal Representation is Provided to the Poor in New York

  - Full Report

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Date - Title

Dec. 18 - NY Launches Nation's First Court-Based Literacy Program

Nov. 18 - Court to Give 200 Kids the Gift of Family on Adoption Saturday

Oct. 17 - Deputy Chief Administrative Judge to Direct Roll-out of New York's Court-Mandated Drug Treatment Program

Oct. 4 - New York's Judicial Institute Is a National First

Sep. 13 - Judith O'Shea Named 6th District Administrative Judge

Aug. 10 - Court System Adopts Domestic Violence Policy for Employees

July 6 - Thomas Van Strydonck Named 7th District Administrative Judge

June 22 - A National First: New York to Launch Systemic Program of Drug Screening and Court-Mandated Substance Abuse Treatment Statewide

June - Link to Commission Report

June 6 - Peter Zimroth Named to Board of Directors for NY State Capital Defender Office

May 30 - Nation's First Multi-Jurisdictional Community Court Opens in Red Hook

May 30 - Court System Announces Nation's First Juvenile Probation Violation Court

May 1 - Law Day 2000: Outstanding Public Service Honored at the Court of Appeals

Apr. 25 - Court System Targets Delinquency in Payment of Court Fines

Mar. 20 - Ernest Cavallo Named Manhattan Housing Court Supervising Judge

Mar. 13 - NY Courts Enter Cyberspace with Individual Case Information Now Available on the Internet

Mar. 9 - Six New Members Appointed to the Housing Court Advisory Council

Mar. 6 - New York State Court System Releases Statement on "Pay to Play"

Mar. 1 - Fax Filing of Court Papers to Begin in Monroe County

Feb. 29 - Statewide Commission on Fiduciary Appointments Formed

Feb. 28 - Barry Donalty Named Criminal Term Supervising Judge

  - Merit Performance Award Nominations

  - Nomination Form

Jan. 31 - Court System Names Special Inspector General for Fiduciary Appointments

Jan. 31 - James Tormey Named 5th District Administrative Judge

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Date - Title

Jan. 25 - Lucindo Suarez Appointed to Appellate Term of the Supreme Court for the First Judicial Department

Dec. 11 - Additional Legal Representation for Children in Custody and Visitation Cases

Dec. 20 - Courts Expand Services to Victims of Domestic Violence

Dec. 17 - Micki Scherer Named Supreme Court Administrative Judge

Dec. 2 - Court of Appeals to Unveil Internet Web Site

Nov. 1 - Agreement on Production and Sale of Court Transcripts Reached

Oct. 27 - Chief Judge Creates Commission on Drugs and the Courts

Oct. 18 - Electronic and Fax Filing of Court Papers Scheduled to Begin

Oct. 12 - Court System Adopts Recycling Rules

Oct. 5 - Phyllis Gangel-Jacob Appointed to Appellate Term of the Supreme Court for the First Judicial Department

Oct. 4 - Joseph Lauria Named Administrative Judge Of NYC Family Court

Sep. 17 - Task Force on Mandatory Retirement of Judges urges Constitutional Amendmrent

Committee Report

Sep. 16 - Chief Judge Appoints Commission to Target Alcohol and Drug Abuse Among Lawyers, and Judges

July 8 - Domestic Violence Court Officially Opens in Buffalo

June 29 - Judge Juanita Bing Newton Appointed Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Justice Initiatives

June 15 - First Combined Felony and Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Court Opens in Westchester

June 8 - Children and Families Reunited as Family Treatment Court Graduates Its First Class

May 13 - Comittee to Promote Public Trust & Confidence Releases Report

May 12 - Court System and New York City Reach Agreement on Major New Court Construction Program

May 10 - Grand Jury Project Urges Major New Reforms of New York's Grand Jury System

Grand Jury Report

Mar. 31 - Heroism, Community Service and Excellence in the Workplace Are Honored at the Court of Appeals

Apr. 12 - Report Urges End to Jury Sequestration

Apr. 12 - Sequestration Report

Mar. 24 -

Court System Targets Civil Backlogs & Cases against New York City

Comprehensive Civil Justice Program Report

Report Summar

Mar. 4 - Survey Detailing Pro Bono Activity Of New York Attorneys Released

Apr. 12

- Lawyer Ethics: The Focus of Newly Appointed Institute on Professionalism in the Law

Feb. 10 - Gail Prudenti Named Top Suffolk County Judge

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Date - Title

Dec. 30 - Hon. Robert S. Rose Appointed as Administrative Judge for Sixth Judicial District

Dec. 14 - Hon. Luis Gonzalez to Succeed Hon. Burton Roberts as Administrative Judge of the Bronx Supreme Court

Dec. 9 - Honorable Angelo J. Ingrassia Stepping Down as Administrative Judge of the Ninth Judicial District

Dec. 9 - Divorce New York Style: Now Faster, Cheaper and Less Damaging to Children

Nov. 19 - Judiciary Budget Request Seeks Salary Increase for Judges

Mar. 25 - Report of the Commission to Review the Compensation of New York State Judges

Nov. 17 - State & National Initiatives to Build Public Trust and Confidence in the Justice System

Oct. 13 - New Office Created to Investigate Employee Discrimination Claims

Sep. 16 - Mandatory Continuing Education Program

Aug. 11 - Attorney Registration Office to Deter Victimization of Non-English Speakers by Imposter Lawyers

June 23 - Red Hook Community Justice Center Ground Breaking

June 25 - $1Million in State & Federal Grants Allow Expansion of Domestic Violence Courts in New York City

May 12 - Court Restructuring Proposal Prompts Broad display of Support at Court of Appeals

April 29 - Court System Appoints Committee to Enhance Jury Process

April 1 - Fiscal Study Demonstrates $92 Million in savings from Court Restructuring

March - Analysis of Budgetary Impact

March - Executive Summary

April 1 - Commercial Division releases Law Report

Feb. 24 - Family Court Operational Restructuring

- Family Justice Program Phase II

Feb. 17 - Approval of Statement of Client Responsibilities

Jan. 21 - New Uncontested Divorce Forms - Increased Ease for the Self Represented Litigant

Jan. 13 - Court Transcript Reform

- Court Reporter Minute Agreement Form

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Date - Title

Dec. 16 - GrandJury Reform - New Committee on Grand Jury Reform

Oct. 23 - Judge Kaye Appoints Commission to Review Judicial Compensation

Oct. 27 - Administrative Board of the Courts Adopts Comprehensive New Standards & Procedures for Selecting Judicial Hearing Officiers

June 18 - New Rules on Public and Press Access to Family Court

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Items Of Interest

- Decisions in Pagones v Maddox, Mason, Sharpton and Brawley

- Decision Re: Application to Quash Grand Jury Subpoena Duces Tecum served on the Museum of Modern Art

- Signing Requirement - Section 130.1 Questions & Answers

- Court Merger - Concurrent Resolution of Senate and Assembly

- Testimony Before Joint Legislative Hearing on Court Restructuring

- Standards of Civility