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Date: April 20, 2004

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Chief Judge Names Commission to Examine Solo and Small Firm Practice

NEW YORK - Seeking to address how the Judiciary can support solo and small firm lawyers in the practice of law, Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye has appointed the Commission to Examine Solo and Small Firm Practice. The 28-member panel, chaired by June Castellano, Esq., a Rochester solo practitioner and President of the Monroe County Bar Association, will examine the challenges faced by solo and small firm lawyers and make recommendations for improvements to facilitate solo and small firm practice in the New York courts.

Chief Judge Kaye stated, “About 80 percent of all New York lawyers are solo practitioners or work in firms with fewer than 10 attorneys. These lawyers face daily challenges distinct from those of their larger firm colleagues and have developed valuable perspectives on how to improve the courts, the practice of law, and lawyer professionalism. The time has come to tap into their unique experiences and insights. I thank Chair June Castellano, Esq. and all the Commission members for their willingness to contribute their talents and time to helping the court system address the issues of the day for solo and small firm practitioners. I look forward to their findings.”

Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman said, “The Commission to Examine Solo and Small Firm Practice is composed of 28 distinguished solo and small firm practitioners who represent in all respects a diverse cross-section of the State, including geographically and by area of practice. We are confident that the Commission will offer helpful recommendations on how the courts and solo and small practitioners can work together to better serve the public. By so doing, we can make a significant positive difference for this majority of the legal profession and their clients. ”

The Commission will issue a report and recommendations in approximately one year.

The members of the Commission are:
∙ Chair, June Castellano, Esq., Rochester
∙ Stanford J. Bandelli, Esq., Brooklyn
∙ James P. Bessette, Esq., Fischer, Bessette, Muldowney & Hunter, LLP, Malone
∙ T. Andrew Brown, Esq., Brown & Hutchison, Rochester
∙ Hugh W. Campbell, Esq., Rodman and Campbell, PC, Bronx
∙ Dolly Caraballo, Esq., Caraballo & Mandell, LLC, Manhattan
∙ Anne Reynolds Copps, Esq., Albany
∙ Frank G. D’Angelo, Jr., Esq., D’Angelo & Begley, LLP, Garden City
∙ Thérèse Wiley Dancks, Esq., Gale & Dancks, LLC, Fayetteville
∙ Mirta Del Rio, Esq., Manhattan
∙ James F. Dwyer, Esq., Grossman, Kinney Dwyer and Harrigan, PC, Syracuse
∙ Linda F. Fedrizzi, Esq., Ginsberg, Katsorhis & Fedrizzi, Astoria
∙ Emily F. Franchina, Esq., Franchina & Giordano, PC, Garden City
∙ Carman M. Garufi, Esq., Binghamton
∙ Edward W. Hayes, Esq., Manhattan
∙ Kenneth A. Kanfer, Esq., Snitow Kanfer Holtzer & Millus, LLP, Manhattan
∙ Glenn Lau-Kee, Esq., Koo Larrabee Lau-Kee & Lane, LLP, White Plains
∙ Alfreida B. Kenny, Esq., Manhattan
∙ Marvin S. Lerman, Esq., Lerman & Katz, Manhattan
∙ Douglas J. Lerose, Esq., Melville
∙ Joan E. McNichol, Esq., Coffman & McNichol, Smithtown
∙ Diana Martinez, Esq., Ramirez Torres Martinez, LLP, Bronx
∙ David W. Meyers, Esq., Meyers & Meyers, LLP, Albany
∙ Mark G. Pearce, Esq., Creighton, Pearce, Johnsen & Giroux, Buffalo
∙ Mark S. Piazza, Esq., Jacobi, Sieghardt Bousanti & Piazza, PC, Staten Island
∙ John K. Plumb, Esq., Jamestown
∙ David Rosenberg, Esq., Marcus Rosenberg & Diamond, LLP, Manhattan
∙ Deanne M. Tripi, Esq., Warren, Murphy & Tripi, Buffalo

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