New York
Official Reports

William J. Hooks, Reporter

"New York decisions shall be cited from the official reports" (CPLR 5529 [e]).

Welcome to the New York Official Reports website, presented by the New York State Law Reporting Bureau.

This site provides free access to a comprehensive collection of officially published New York State court decisions from January 1, 1956 to the present. Other helpful resources include the New York Law Reports Style Manual and a legal research portal providing free access to local, state, federal and international legal material.

What's New

A link to the Guide to New York Evidence has been added to the legal research portal.

The Electronic Resources User Guide provides information on LRB products and services available on the Internet.

The Law Reports Style Manual has been updated to include a subdivision dedicated to citing Model Colloquies (New York Law Reports Style Manual § 4.1 [d]).

The Official Reports Service now provides free access to all officially published New York State court decisions from January 1, 1956 to present.

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The Advanced Search function now gives users the option of displaying decisions search results by party name or decision date.

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2015 Update is online for the 2012 edition of the Law Reports Style Manual.

Court of Appeals New Filings A list of recently-filed appeals in the state's highest court, indicating short title, jurisdictional predicate, subject matter and key issues.