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Civil Term - Part Rules, Part 2, Courtroom 46

Justice Allan B. Weiss
88-11 Sutphin Boulevard
Jamaica, NY 11435
Courtroom 46: (718) 298-1054
Fax: (718) 298-1109


All Motions Must Be Noticed for WEDNESDAY 9:30 A.M.

All motions are to be submitted, without oral argument, except those which are in any way related to discovery and Orders to Show Cause which seek interim relief.

As to discovery motions, counsel for all parties must appear, prepared to discuss and agree upon a discovery schedule. Counsel for the movant shall notify opposing counsel, in writing, of this requirement.

As to motions brought by Order to Show Cause, the movant must submit the affidavit(s) of service on the return date to the Clerk of Part 2 at the call of the motion calendar.

There will be two (2) calendar calls (9:30 and 10:00). Use of a calendar service is permitted both to submit papers and to request consent adjournments.
Consent adjournments may also be obtained by stipulation faxed to chambers at least one day before the motion return date.

ALL motion papers must be submitted at the calendar call on the return or adjourned motion date. The court clerk will not accept motion papers at any other time. ALL motion papers sent to chambers will be discarded.

Electronically Filed (e-filed) cases:
On the return date, all parties must submit working copies of all papers that are electronically filed (e-filed). If a working copy is not submitted the motion will be marked off.

The court requests that the members of the bar make every effort to provide their adversaries and co-counsel with advance notice of all applications.