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Name and/or Sex Designation Change

If you live in New York City, you may bring a name change or sex designation change proceeding in any county in the city. It costs $65.00 to change a name and/or sex designation in Civil Court. You can use the Civil Court's free and easy DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Forms to make an Adult Name/Sex Designation Change Petition or a Minor Name/Sex Designation Change Petition. Or, go the Name/Sex Designation Change Forms list for free civil court forms that you need, or you may go to the name/sex designation change location in the courthouse and get the forms from the court clerk. You must fill out the forms and bring them to the courthouse.

For a name change, you need to bring either an original or certified copy of your birth certificate if you were born in New York State. If you were not born in New York State, you need to bring proof of your birth, as well. The papers will be reviewed by the court clerk and submitted to a judge.

If you are a parent or legal guardian and want to change a child's name or sex designation, you need a notarized consent form signed by any other parent or legal guardian who is not a petitioner. If you can't get consent, then you have to give the other parent or legal guardian notice of the name change and/or sex designation change case and come back to court to see the Judge. If you don't have an address for the other parent, you must take steps to locate them. If you still can't find the other parent, you can explain this to the court and ask for the name change and/or sex designation change without the other parent's consent.

If you want to change the name of a child who is 14 years of age or older, you need a notarized consent form signed by the child.

Name change and sex designation change requests can be viewed by anyone because they are public records. Please tell the clerk, before you file your petition, if you want to keep your name change and/or sex designation change private for safety or other reasons. The Clerk will tell you how you can request to seal the court records.

If your situation is difficult, you can try to find legal assistance to help you in preparing the papers. You may also review the New York State Civil Rights Act, sections 60 to 65.




























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