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Stipulations and Settlements

In the Personal Appearance Part, or even in the Trial Part, the parties, with the assistance of the Judge or the Judge’s court attorney, will discuss the case in an effort to reach a settlement. In a settlement, the parties determine the outcome of the case and there is no trial before a judge or jury. Many cases are settled, meaning the parties come to an agreement, usually called a "Stipulation of Settlement," which is written down and signed by the parties and the Judge. Many people choose to settle, rather than resort to a trial, because settlement is a quick and certain resolution of the dispute.

What a stipulation provides will depend on what the parties negotiate and the facts of the particular case. Free Civil Court Stipulations of Settlement forms are available by clicking on Stipulations. When you sign a Stipulation of Settlement, you are making a binding legal agreement that must be followed. Therefore, you must be very careful to read the agreement, understand it, and be certain that you will be able to do everything you have promised. The court attorney can explain any details in the Stipulation of Settlement that you do not understand. If you have any questions or doubts, you have the right to ask to talk to the Judge who must approve your settlement. If you do not wish to settle the case, you have a right to a trial before a judge.




























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