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Emergency Repairs - Tenants

If you need emergency repairs due to conditions in your home which threaten life, health or safety, you may come to court and start a case against your landlord to obtain repairs. This case is called a HP proceeding. If the judge believes the condition is an emergency, you will get a hearing date within approximately one week of your request. After the hearing, the Judge will issue an order to correct directing the landlord to make repairs.

Tenants with emergency conditions, such as no heat, can also call 311 for emergency assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For hearing impaired, call ITY (212) 863-5504. You may also click on HPD for more information.

To learn how to start a case against your landlord to obtain emergency repairs, click on Starting a HP Proceeding. Be sure to tell the Housing Part clerk that it is urgent that the conditions be repaired.