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Postponements or Adjournments

An adjournment may only be granted by the judge presiding at the time of the hearing. Please do not call the court clerk for this purpose, the clerk is not permitted to grant adjournments. To get an adjournment, you, or someone on your behalf, should appear at the hearing at the appointed time. You will be given an opportunity to explain to the judge your reason for requesting the adjournment.

It is preferable that someone appear, but if neither you nor anyone else representing you can appear on the hearing date, you may write a letter requesting an adjournment and explaining your reason for requiring the adjournment. In your letter, include the case number, year, and the scheduled date of the hearing you will not be able to attend.

Address the letter to the appropriate civil court. Click on Phone Listings and Addresses to find the address in your county. Send a copy of this letter to the other party to the action. If the judge decides to grant your adjournment, you will be notified. If the request is denied, your case will be sent to inquest, and a judgment may be entered against you.




















































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