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  January 14th, 2010    
  No. 25 - People v Tatyana Kisina Webcast  
  No. 26 - Glacial Aggregates, LLC v Town of Yorkshire Webcast  
  No. 27 - People v Marcellus Pierce Webcast  
  No. 28 - People v Homer Brown, Jr. Webcast  
  January 13th, 2010    
  No. 20 - Matter of Adoption of Doe [L.M.B. v E.R.J.] Webcast  
  No. 22/23 - People v Mark Ochoa / People v Michael Figueroa Webcast  
  No. 24 - Wadler v City of New York Webcast  
  January 12th, 2010    
  No. 16/17/18 - Matter of Maron v Silver / Larabee v Governor / Chief Judge of the State of New York v Governor Webcast  
  No. 19 - People v Vincent Fiammegta Webcast  
  January 7th, 2010    
  No. 10 - Matter of Chasm Hydro v New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Webcast  
  No. 11/12/13/14/15 - People v Darrell Williams / People v Efrain Hernandez / People v Craig Lewis / Matter of Echevarria v Marks / People v Edwin Rodriguez Webcast  
  January 6th, 2010    
  No. 7 - People v Stephen Price Webcast  
  No. 8 - Gallagher v The New York Post Webcast  
  No. 9 - Hotel 71 Mezz Lender v Falor Webcast  
  January 5th, 2010    
  No. 1 - Heslin v County of Greene Webcast  
  No. 2 - People v Daivery Taylor Webcast  
  No. 3 - Matter of Lighthouse Pointe Property v New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Webcast  
  No. 4 - Matter of New York City Transit Authority v Transport Workers Union of Greater New York Webcast  
  No. 5 - Matter of Vetter v Board of Education Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District Webcast