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  September 15th, 2011    
  No. 172 Simon v Usher Webcast  
  No. 173 People v Alexander G. Crampe Webcast  
  No. 174 People v Blake Wingate Webcast  
  No. 175 People v Corey E. Becoats / No. 176 People v Jason L. Wright Webcast  
  September 14th, 2011    
  No. 167 People v John Grant Webcast  
  No. 168 Wilinski v 334 East 92nd Housing Development Fund Corp. Webcast  
  No. 170 Doomes v Best Transit Corp. / Jiminian v Best Transit Corp. / Rivera v Best Transit Corp. Webcast  
  No. 171 People v Isidro Rodriguez Webcast  
  September 13th, 2011    
  No. 163 Matter of Schenectady County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inc. v Mills Webcast  
  No. 164 People v Shahid Muhammad Webcast  
  No. 165 People v Gregory Hill Webcast  
  No. 166 People v Edwin Santiago Webcast  
  No. 162 People v Christopher Porco Webcast  
  September 8th, 2011    
  No. 157 Lifson v City of Syracuse Webcast  
  No. 158 People v Nadirah Brown Webcast  
  No. 159 People v Terrance D. Robinson Webcast  
  No. 160 People v Carlos Ventura / No. 161 People v Damian Gardner Webcast  
  September 7th, 2011    
  No. 152 Greenberg, Trager & Herbst, LLP v HSBC Bank USA Webcast  
  No. 153 Valdez v City of New York Webcast  
  No. 154 Matter of Rueda v Charmaine D. Webcast  
  No. 155 People v Angel Rosario / No. 156 People v Luis Parada Webcast  
  September 6th, 2011    
  No. 148 New York Coalition for Quality Assisted Living, Inc. v MFY Legal Services, Inc. Webcast  
  No. 216 Wyckoff Heights Medical Center; New York and Presbyterian Hospital v Country Wide Insurance Company Webcast  
  No. 149 People v Dondi Credle / No. 150 People v Makeda Davis / No. 151 People v Fayola McIntosh Webcast