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  February 16, 2012    
  No. 58 People v Samuel Jackson Webcast  
  No. 59 Estate of Becker v Murtagh Webcast  
  No. 60 People v Jeffrey Miller Webcast  
  No. 61 People v Debra Pagan Webcast  
  No. 47 People v Jason Mack Webcast  
  February 15, 2012    
  No. 53 Global Reinsurance Corporation -- U.S. Branch v Equitas Ltd. Webcast  
  No. 54 Matter of Baker v Poughkeepsie City School District Webcast  
  No. 56 People v Aaron Richard Fisher Webcast  
  No. 57 Hahn Automotive Warehouse, Inc. v American Zurich Insurance Company Webcast  
  February 14, 2012    
  No. 48 Simkin v Blank Webcast  
  No. 49 Matter of Lesher v Hynes Webcast  
  No. 50 Matter of Town of Waterford v NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Webcast  
  No. 51 Corsello v Verizon New York, Inc. Webcast  
  No. 52 Mount Vernon City School District v Nova Casualty Company Webcast  
  February 9, 2012    
  No. 43 People v Tecoy Ingram Webcast  
  No. 44 People v Christopher Perino Webcast  
  No. 45 People v Padraic Keating Webcast  
  No. 46 People v Khemwattie Bedessie Webcast  
  No. 62 People v James Perry Webcast  
  February 8, 2012    
  No. 38 Ovitz v Bloomberg L.P. Webcast  
  No. 39 New York State Psychiatric Association v New York State Department of Health Webcast  
  No. 41 Matter of Bissell v Town of Amherst Webcast  
  No. 42 People v Sergio Rodriguez Webcast  
  February 7, 2012    
  No. 33 Abacus Federal Savings Bank v ADT Security Services, Inc. Webcast  
  No. 34 People ex rel. McManus v Horn Webcast  
  No. 35 People v James Extale Webcast  
  No. 37 Ryan v Kellogg Partners Institutional Services Webcast