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  May 31, 2012    
  No. 147 Zheng v The City of New York Webcast  
  No. 129 Matter of Lafayette D. Young, Jr. v State Commission on Judicial Conduct Webcast  
  No. 130 People v Louis Riley Webcast  
  No. 131 Matter of Marchand v N.Y. State Department of Environmental Conservation Webcast  
  No. 132 Georgia Malone & Company, Inc. v Riede Webcast  
  No. 133 People v Donyell J. McKenzie Webcast  
  May 30, 2012    
  No. 124 Matter of Chinese Staff and Workers' Association v Burden Webcast  
  No. 125 People v Lina Sinha Webcast  
  No. 126 Oddo Asset Management v Barclays Bank PLC Webcast  
  No. 127 People v Carol Elmer / No. 128 People v Kevin O. Cooper Webcast  
  May 29, 2012    
  No. 119 Baba-Ali v State of New York Webcast  
  No. 120 Roberts v Paterson  Webcast  
  No. 121 N.J.R. Associates v Nicole Tausend Webcast  
  No. 122 People v Amber Maracle Webcast  
  No. 123 People v Jessie Velez Webcast