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  November 14, 2012    
  No. 222 Mac Naughton v Warren County Webcast Transcript
  No. 87 Matter of EchoStar Satellite Corporation v Tax Appeals Tribunal Webcast Transcript
  No. 223 People v Andrew Spencer Webcast Transcript
  No. 224 Guryev v Tomchinsky Webcast Transcript
  November 13, 2012    
  No. 216 People v Brandon McFadden Webcast Transcript
  No. 207 Matter of State of New York v John P. Webcast Transcript
  No. 218 People v Michael Mox Webcast Transcript
  No. 219 Matter of Bitchatchi v Board of Trustees of the New York City Police Department Pension Fund, Article II / No. 220 Matter of Maldonado v Kelly / No. 221 Matter of Macri v Kelly Webcast Transcript
  No. 158 Matter of Stray from the Heart, Inc. v NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene Webcast Transcript
  No. 225 People v Calvin Mays Webcast Transcript