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  November 18, 2015    
  No. 199 People v Anthony V. Pavone Webcast Transcript
  No. 200 Cusimano v Schnurr Webcast Transcript
  No. 201 People v Luis Ortiz Webcast Transcript
  No. 202 Matter of RAM I LLC v New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal Webcast Transcript
  November 17, 2015    
  No. 195 People v Kaity Marshall Webcast Transcript
  No. 196 People v Todd Holley Webcast Transcript
  No. 197 People v Dennis P. Smalls Webcast Transcript
  No. 198 Matter of Suarez v Williams Webcast Transcript
  November 16, 2015    
  No. 191 People v Luciano Rosario / No. 192 People v Marcos Llibre Webcast Transcript
  No. 193 People v Natanael Sagastumeal Varenga Webcast Transcript
  No. 206 People v Victor Soto Webcast Transcript